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‘American Grace’ Solo Tour Reflections

The Autumn 2013 solo tour has ended. It was a grand adventure, as expected. I got to play in NYC and play a set of Steve Lacy tunes with Josh Sinton and Tomas Fujiwara of Ideal Bread. Then I got to catch up with my old teacher and good friend Robert Ferrazza at Oberlin, as I headed out to Chicago. Once there I played with two of my favorite improvisers on the scene today. Tim Daisy and Dave Rempis, we did a trio set and the rumor from some of the musicians in attendance was that our set was some of the best improvising they have heard all year. I am honored and look forward to playing with them again next year! I finished the tour in Toledo OH at the Robinwood Concert House. What an awesome scene!!! It was my favorite gig of the tour, Gabe, who runs the series is a passionate curator, producer and musician, the jazz and improvisation scene needs more amazing people like Gabe in it. The sets were a blast the crowd was deep into it and we stayed up into the wee hours talking about art and philosophy and life… its the kind of experience you live for on the road, its why I do this music thing… to connect with people in honest and revealing ways. I look forward to touring out to the midwest again next year.. it will become a yearly thing for me now.

I am very lucky to have some of my playing documented from the tour. I have added two  clips that were shot by my good friend and exquisite drummer extraordinaire Curt Newton (fellow member of the Eric Hofbuaer Quintet – Prehistoric Jazz project). It is from the Boston show at the Lily Pad on Sept 18th. I played straight through, a 45 minute solo set, improvising from one place to another, hitting various themes and tunes along the way. Video #1 features Dear Prudence (The Beatles) into West End Blues (Joe Oliver) into Dewey Square (Charlie Parker)Video #2 features a tune of mine, Pocket Chops into the folk tune by Blind Willie Johnson, God Moves On The Water. 

Video #1

Eric Hofbauer solo @ Lily Pad Part 1

Video #2

Eric Hofbauer solo @ Lily Pad part 2

I was also lucky to get some print attention while on tour as well with some great preview and review articles in outlets such as The Village Voice, The Chicago Reader and Fuse Jazz Review. I have posted a few quotes and links to the complete articles. My next goal for the solo tour is to take it out to the west coast in the spring… time to start booking!!!    A profound THANK YOU! to all who came out to see my shows, buy CDs,  and support the music.

“An enthusiastic and attentive audience showed up at the Boston area stop of our own Eric Hofbauer 8/18 at the Lily Pad during his tour of the Northeast and Midwest.  Being attentive was the smart thing to do, whether one focusses on Eric’s remarkable technical prowess or the far more remarkable music he makes.  Being a Hofbauer guitar fan, I have witnessed his solo work several times over the years and always with great pleasure.  This certainly was his most impressive outing.” – Boston Jazz Scene (full review)

“There’s something deceptive about the informality the Boston guitarist brings to his solo work: On the recent American Grace he makes dabbling a fine art.” – Jim Macnie, Village Voice (full preview)

“Hofbauer is a terrific player, treating original tunes, jazz standards, modern pop-rock songs, and blues with a distinctive touch; gnarled, melodic, spikey, and dense. There’s a deep affection for the material inherent in his interpretations, and that familiarity and ease allows him to take some of the tunes to surprising places.” – Peter Margasak, The Chicago Reader (full preview)

“Eric Hofbauer doesn’t play his big hollow-bodied Guild guitar very loud — at least not by today’s standards — but few people get more sheer guitar sound out of their instruments.” – Jon Garelick, The Fuse Jazz Review (full review)

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