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BOLT Live @ Open Sound – 12/15/12

I have written in past blogs about BOLT (our motto is Adventurous Improvised Music) which features Jorrit Dijkstra on alto and lyricon, myself on guitar, Junko Fujiwara on cello and Eric Rosenthal on drums. For every BOLT show we improvise a completely new set pulling from multiple vocabularies (jazz, free music, minimalism, modern classical, folk, electronic etc). Sometimes we work our little themes or concepts to focus on, sometimes we find our way into tunes (like when we performed the night Dave Brubeck died and we worked in the melody of “In Your Own Sweet Way” into the set), or sometimes we just go for it, without saying as much as hello to each other before we play.

On December 15 we played at the Open Sound Studio Series in Union Sq. Somerville (Some great camera work in this video, and between the decor and Jorrit and my haircuts it kind of looks like we are playing in a room at the Overlook Hotel from Kubrick’s The Shining). Jorrit did not have his lyricon so we were without our electronic element, but regardless this video is a great example of what this band does. The first minute is a kind of intense interactive free pointillistic exchange which gradually comes to a simmer. From there the set visits all types of territory; solo moments, duets (including a beautiful, almost Romantic era ballad between Jorrit and Junko), some swinging odd meter jazz, fast free bop with noise, and lots more in between. I hope you enjoy it.

Bolt at Open Sound, 15 Dec 2012

We hope to record this winter and I will keep you posted.

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