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Indiegogo Campaign Lauch for ‘American Grace’ and Boston Globe Article

In cooperation with non-profit fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas, I have just launched a new crowdfunding campaign through to help fund the production of my next recording, American Grace. This project will be the culmination of a trilogy of solo guitar recordings, which already includes 2004’s American Vanity and 2010’s American Fear, released on my Creative Nation Music label. Below is the text from my project pitch. Thank you in advance for your help and support.

“The philosopher and educator Joseph Campbell once said that ‘Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths,'” writes Hofbauer in the campaign notes. “This has been my mantra through many years of study, preparation and contemplation in the music I compose. The narrative elements of the trilogy operate on those two levels, the public and private. It represents the past, present and future of American society and culture, as well as my own self-awareness.”

Hofbauer’s American Triology dissects and examines American culture through spontaneous original compositions and stripped-down interpretations of musical touchstones that span country, jazz and rock. These stark, personal statements showcase not only Hofbauer’s technical skills as a musician, but also his trademark intelligence and humor, as he deftly puts his own affable, sometimes jaw-dropping spin on the music of everyone from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to Andrew Hill and Charlie Parker to Nirvana and Van Halen.

“Since the late 1990s, the Boston guitarist has honed a singular approach to solo recitals, marked by distilled melodies and expansive repertoire,” writes the Boston Globe‘s Andrew Gilbert in his recent feature article. “No other guitarist in jazz has developed a solo approach as rigorous, evocative, and thoughtful as Hofbauer. Recorded largely without overdubs, the American trilogy can be seen as political commentary on the nation post-9/11, but he’s charting internal landscapes as much as taking the country’s pulse.”

Supporters of Hofbauer’s campaign can choose from perks including exclusive pre-release access to the recording ($25), autographed copies of the complete trilogy ($60), jazz guitar and composition lessons ($125), a producer credit ($200) and a private 90-minute home concert ($300). Portions of each amount are tax deductible. Complete campaign details can be found at

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