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Hofbauer, Karayorgis, William, Gray at Johnny D’s 11/2/11 + Upcoming shows

It has been a long while since I have posted. There has been a lot going on in the last month. The last half of October I was in France on my first ever solo tour out of the U.S. It was an amazing experience and I plan on blogging about it all in detail soon. I am waiting on some media to arrive so I have some audio clips and photos to share, plus it has taken some time to process the events of the tour in my mind and heart. I am still overwhelmed and awestruck by the joyful reception the French audiences gave me, and by the generosity of everyone involved with the Penn Ar Jazz Fest in Brest and Brittany. More on all things France soon.

Today I have a short clip to share from a concert given shortly after my return to Boston. On November 2, two working groups I am in, The Infrared Band and Hofbauer, Karayorgis, William and Gray, shared a double bill at Somerville’s Johnny D’s. This clip is a bit of my guitar solo from Jacob William’s composition ‘Reflex’. It was not shot for professional purposes, and the quality of the shot reflects that. It was filmed by my student and friend, Mark Medieros for his own private use but I convinced him to give me the footage since the concert was not recorded (stupid of us) and this is the only documentation I have. I will be sharing other little clips of both the HKWG and the IRB sextet once I comb through all of the footage.

Hofbauer, Karayorgis, William, Gray – Live at Johnny D's (guitar solo clip)

Lastly, I know I have been a bad bad blogger and I apologize. I am going to try to post once a week, even if they are just short little updates, thoughts or clips of shows etc. There are some showing coming up soon to take note of. Both are new projects. One is called First Worst Thirst, a quartet led by the oboist and vocalist Esther Viola. We play a concert of her music plus improvisations at the Outpost 186 on Dec 15th (8pm) on her Junk Kitchen Series. The other is a trio call BOLT which includes Jorrit Dijkstra on alto and electronics and Eric Rosenthal on drums. We play the Outpost 186 on Wed. Dec 7th (8pm), with special guest Junko Simmons on cello. This will be a high energy set of improvised music.
A quick word about BOLT. Granted I was out of the country and Jorrit was preparing to leave for a short European tour so we both dropped the publicity ball, but we played back on Nov. 6 at the Outpost for an audience of 1. It was an interesting splash of water in my dreamy face to come home after an amazing solo tour with full houses and lines of people waiting for me to autograph CDs to play a gig for one f*cking guy.  He was very appreciative and enjoyed the concert plus ,in my opinion, the trio ‘killed it’ (as the jazz kids are fond of saying), so it was still a joyful noise type of experience. I guess I mention it because being a student of duality as I am (those who know my catalog will attest to that fact) I was struck by the simple sting of the jazz reality. In a way it was also inspiring, because regardless of outside distractions or concerns the most impressive musicians to me always play like there is no tomorrow and put every ounce of energy into the music and into the moment; regardless of venue, house size, cover charge, music style etc. I am blessed to play with those types of musicians here in town with the IRB, HKWG, BOLT and others. Play on brothers and sisters, play on.

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